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As a heads up, articles must be:

| At least 700 words (feel free to write more)

| Centered around a form of healing/aspect of wellness

| Cohesive and directional

| Written in a tone as if talking to a sister or friend, not in a condescending way

| Non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, & no "preaching"

| Informational and resourceful (please credit sources if applicable)

| Leaves reader with an introspective question or “assignment”

| Experience based. We want you to share the things that you know!

*You must identify as a Black or Indigenous woman, femme, or NB individual to submit an article

We will review the submission and if your article is aligned with our mission + the community values we uphold, we'll be happy to receive the full piece.

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*At this time, this is not a paid opportunity.

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