Keep Coming Back to the Paper

Greetings lovelies,

I have been thinking a lot about the power of words. Within the last couple months I have written everyday. I have been developing a very intentional daily writing practice for the purpose of healing myself from unresolved trauma. Writing can be such a powerful tool to help cure yourself from pain you don’t even know you have.

Our demons show themselves in very unexpected ways sometimes. I know for myself, my demons show up in my subconscious and they affect how I behave and how I interact with myself and the world around me.

Trauma. Our trauma is a very precious thing, we need to honor it, talk to it and try and understand why it exists and persists. Writing has helped me to access my demons, and work through them instead of around them or under them. Often times when I experience something painful I can’t write about it. I have to just feel it, but this practice that I have developed, puts forth the powerful oppportunoty to work with my feelings in a creative way as part of my daily healing practice.

The writing isn’t for anyone else but myself. It’s not for the eyes of the world. I write to heal. I write to understand. After I dedicated myself to this practice I noticed a huge shift in my day to day happiness and ease. I wanna encourage women to write. Write themselves back to life.

The first step is to buy a journal. One that is beautiful to you, a journal that you will be inspired to open everyday and see as a possibility, an opportunity to be true to yourself. A journal that you can rely on the days where you think you can’t be there for yourself (there might be some days like this). This will help you to keep coming back to the paper. My first journal had outlines of Marigolds and monarchs. Reminded me of my grandmas garden in Detroit (a place sacred to my soul).

Second, sit down with your journal. In a quiet place. Alone.

Third, start writing. Whatever comes to your mind. Don’t take the pen off the page for 60 seconds. Just free write. Do this for the first couple of days. You can increase your time if you need to. But break your journal in. Get to know it’s pages, creases and folds.

Keep writing. No matter the wreckage.

You don’t have to do any of these things, this was how I began my intentional writing practice. Develop your own.

Below are some prompts that might help you start your deep dive into healing through your own words and truth.

~ how do you feel today?

~ what’s one thing about yourself you love and one thing you are working on?

~ how did you show up for yourself today?

~ what are your remedies? (list 3 to 5)

~. what is a loving memory you have?

~ who in your life gives you abundance?

~ what did you want to be when you were a child? why?

~ what is something you want to achieve? how will you?

Always write. Your words will be there. Remember. No matter the wreckage.

Love and light,

Doriana Diaz.