Tools for the Womb

For the month of April, we are focusing on the SACRAL chakra. This is my favorite chakra probably because I have so much experience working on fixing my own! These are all suggestions/tips. Being said, not everything will work or resonate with everyone, but this can be a reference point to start healing your womb!

Also, we have to state that The statements made in this post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before implementing anything mentioned.

Eat foods that nourish your womb!

Healing Foods:



Sweet Potato



Foods rich in Omega-3s ie salmon


Foods high in fiber

A couple of people that we know of off the top of our heads that are pretty fluent in the language of womb food is @fertilealchemy, @chefakhi. We will update this list as we discover more Black women that are sharing some knowledge!

Herbs have been helping us heal for centuries for numerous ailments. Here are some herbs that particularly target the womb space.

Healing Herbs: (**please do your own research and consult with a physician before implementing any herbs into your regimen. Some herbs are contraindicated during pregnancy.)

Red raspberry- uterine tonic (tones the uterus). Strengthens uterine wall. Relaxes smooth muscle in uterus. Has vitamins & minerals that detoxify extra hormones. May increase fertility.

Red clover- May help balance hormones and reduce PMS

Nettle- Lessens uterine bleeding. High iron, calcium, and Vitamin K. Can prevent bloating and cramps. Can regulate menstrual flow. Processes estrogen.

Dandelion- May reduce bad estrogen. Boosts immune system. May help women fight endometriosis and shrink fibroids. Contains many vitamins and minerals.

Motherwort- Can help regulate cycle. Strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles. Eases uterine cramping.

Maca Root- balances hormones. High in antioxidants and nutrients (vitamin C, copper and iron). Increase sexual health and libido. Improve energy, mood and memory.

Chaste Berry (Vitex)- Relieves PMS Symptoms. Reduces Uterine Fibroids. Improves Female Fertility. Clears Up Acne.

Treats Endometriosis. Remedies Amenorrhea. Lowers Menopause Symptoms.

Dong Quai- balances hormone levels. Increase sex drive in men and women. Can cure infertility. Can ease menstrual cramps.

Cramp bark- if you have not so great periods, this bitter herb may be able to help. Reduces uterine contractions and uterine muscle spasms. Muscle relaxant. Increases circulation to uterus.

Essential oils are another form of plant medicine that can help us out.

Healing Oils: (***please do your own research and consult with a physician before implementing any essential oils into your regimen. Some oils are contraindicated during pregnancy. These oils are to be used externally.)

•Bergamot- This sweet, lively, and citrusy oil will enliven your senses and encourage the release of repressed emotions.Bergamot is uplifting as well as gently relaxing. It helps to disperse stangant energy, releasing stress and tension.

Clary Sage- Has been used for female complaints and kidney disorders. Clary Sage is strenghtening and relaxing. Known for its emotionally uplifting effect, this oil can bring on euphoria. During labor, can also help catalyze and strengthen contractions. Clary Sage promotes clarity and is especially useful during times of emotional confusion.

Neroli- Neroli, also called Orange Blossom has powerful emotional effects. It calms and relaxes the body and spirit. Its frequency vibrates at the second chakra and encourages sensuality, peace, courage, and joy. A natural tranquilizer, Neroli is often used for anxiety and shock from trauma.

•Orange- frequently thought of as and oil of abundance. Can open up sensuality & energize in order to catalyze creativity. Orange oil symbolizes innocence and fertility. Has liver stimulating properties, it may be able to free up stagnant life energy.

Sandalwood- considered sacred and on a spiritual level, it helps to reunite the spirit with the senses. This oil is sensual, yet deeply tranquil. Sandalwood is associated with the Empress, one of the Tarot symbols, which symbolizes the universal mother womb. May help easy menstrual problems.

There are definitely more oils out there that you can use, but these are just a few that you can start with!

Besides beneficial things to put in and on your body, there are also a few activities that you can do to help your womb space out!

Healing Activities:

•Surround/immerse yourself in water! Water is the element associated with the sacral chakra. When possible, visit a body of water in nature, be it an ocean, sea, river, lake, stream. If the weather permits, get your hips/legs wet. If the option of getting out neat water is not available, a warm bath or shower will absolutely suffice! Also, make sure that you are hydrated. Drink lots of water (according to your BMI)! Let you emotions be like water.

•Take a spiritual bath- make it a moment of meditation. Set your intention. Surround yourself with crystals and candles. Create a epsom or sea salt bath with essential oils and flowers.

•Cleanse your liver so that it is able to filter out excess hormones. The liver helps with hormone balance so having a healthy liver can also help you have a healthy womb!

•Meditate with orange crystals and stones. You can also use selenite, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

•Womb massage- increases uterine, ovarian, & fallopian tube circulation. This can also encourage hormonal balance and helps the uterus get rid of old blood that may not have been discharged during a normal menstrual cycle. Please do your research to see how to do this and if it is right for you.

•Hip opening movements- think pigeon pose(Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), frog pose (Mandukasana), squat (Malasana), warrior poses (Virabhadrasana I, II, & III), crescent/low lunge (Anjaneyasana), high lunge (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana), goddess pose (Utkata Konasana) to name a few.

•Dance- this actually helps open the sacral and ROOT chakras, especially if you are doing stomping motions. Also, there is no right or wrong way to dance. Allow your body to move how it wants to and embrace that creative freedom and emotional expression.

•Create- any form of creation comes from the sacral chakra. Tap into this energy and make something. It can be a drawing, painting, crocheting/knitting a blanket, building something, singing, writing, dancing, whatever you're into...DO IT! CREATE IT!

With everything mentioned, please do your own research and do not fully depend on the information here to be the only thing that you base your decision on!!!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Which ones are up for consideration to try?

**Cover photo of Dr. Crystal Jones