Honoring the Healer | Cassandra Dailey

What is your name & location?

I am Cassandra Dailey and I reside in Mount Shasta, CA aka the Root Chakra of the world.

How do you help people heal?

I personally believe that healing any ailment is up to the individual person who is experiencing the issue. I, have a gift of understanding chemistry. I formulate skincare and naturopathic products with the intention that the individual who purchases these items is ready to heal themselves. Kinda like a gentle, yet effective plant medicine PUSH

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

My wellness line provides men, women and children with DIY healing regimens for an array of skin conditions such as; acne, eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation (melasma), scarring and some undiagnosed skin related conditions.

When did you realize that you wanted to help heal people/why did you start?

Almost 18 years ago I became a teen mother. As a baby, my eldest son’s skin started to get rashes and back then I had no idea what it was coming from. His pediatrician referred us to a dermatologist and from that point on he was diagnosed with “Severe eczema”. Throughout the years they prescribed him with a plethora of steroid creams that were specifically designed for adults. Not only were these appointments expensive, but the stronger the creams got, the faster his skin would become immune to the chemicals and it just kept getting worse. By the time he was seven years old he would come home crying from kids picking on him because his legs were covered in bloody, dark scabs & inflamed. I couldn’t watch him suffer any longer. I had to figure out a way to permanently rid my son of this problem. So I started studying naturopathy and herbalism on my own. It took me a year to start the handcrafting process. Once I did, that followed with a couple months of trail and error, but then one day everything just clicked. I had created an exfoliant and a body butter that completely wiped out the eczema & horrible scarring my son suffered from since birth.

How does your personal healing journey reflect in how you hold space for others?

I am honestly grateful to have been chosen to create these products made from God's abundance. The true healer is the products themselves. At this time in my life, my journey feels more solid than ever. I hope that the solidity of my personal path continues to shine through the work I do, in order to provide our community with a clear understanding that, “we can heal ourselves.”

Why is what you do so important?

What I do is a part of my personal calling. I am appreciative to have found this work through necessity and long before the internet blew up. I am a conduit for plants to be used through. It is most definitely a gift. And any gift from God is important and should be shared.

What is your inspiration to continue doing what you are doing? What is the fuel that keeps you going?

My clienteles phenomenal reviews invigorate and inspire me to extend the effort to grow & source the finest raw materials and continue to hand-make BFree Organics products. So many of my clients from around the world tell me that healing with BFree is a "different" experience to anything else they have ever used. Beyond that, my family. They are so very proud of me. I started this company 5.5 years ago with $600 from a tax return. My story is my fuel.

How does it make you feel when you are helping people heal?

Though I do not consider myself to be a “healer” it immensely humbles me for people to share their personal stories and testimonials of BFree healing with me. I am forever grateful.

What are your visions &/or goals?

My vision for BFree is simple. Keep moving forward. Keep growing. Continue to BE FREE. I have just a few goals that have been long term work in progress. I hit a few last year and with that, I am currently creating the next stages of goals. They are ever changing.

Tell us a fun fact about what it is that you do or something people may not know about you.

I love to laugh. Laughter is literally the best medicine.

In one sentence, what is your message to the world?

Be your authentic, unique self and nothing less.

Is there is anything else that you would like to share about yourself or what it is that you do?

If anyone is in need of a Skin Consultation or interested in learning more about BFree Organics you can contact me through www.bfreeorganics.com

Find us on social media at: instagram.com/bfreeorganics

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