Honoring the Healer | Millana Snow

What is your name & location?

I am Millana Snow and I live in Venice, CA

How do you help people heal?

I aspire to meet people where they are to empower them to heal themselves as I hold space for them to do so. I do this through, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Meditation and my new online platform WellnessOfficial.co which will connect visitors to thousands of holistic brands and practitioners locally and around the globe.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Energy healing comes in many forms, from Reiki, to meditation and breathwork. I use this tool to help people raise their vibration, when we raise of vibration, i find our thoughts become higher, lighter and more positive. Then your emotions start to shift- you feel more at ease, joyful and thankful. Lastly you start to feel relaxed, and to the degree one allows, your physical will react and heal.

When did you realize that you wanted to help heal people/why did you start?

I think it has always been a part of who I am. I would offer my mom massages when I was in elementary school, apparently I was really good!

How does your personal healing journey reflect in how you hold space for others?

If I am not well, I cannot hold the space required for others to heal. I have learned to make my healing and wellness my first priority so that it can overflow to every person I am in contact with. If I am connected to source, my healing and resources are inexhaustible.

Why is what you do so important?

I am living my life purpose to the greatest degree of my awareness of it, once you KNOW your purpose it is unavoidable. For me, there is no other way to be- only more fully myself. It just so happens that in this incarnation, I came to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

What is your inspiration to continue doing what you are doing? What is the fuel that keeps you going?

My relationship with Spirit is the reason and the way for me to keep going when things get tough. My friends, family, community and teachers keep me on the path but it is my connection or the feel of the lack of that keeps me going.

How does it make you feel when you are helping people heal?

I feels like my natural state of being. It makes me feel like who I really am. I dont always feel that way, so its nice to feel like Im fully me an much as possible!

What are your visions &/or goals?

It is my intention to launch WellnessOfficial.co as a online marketplace of great service, that inspires and empowers millions around the world to live a conscious holistically healthy life.

Tell us a fun fact about what it is that you do or something people may not know about you.

There are so many things that people may not know, I feel like I have lived many lives! One might be that I am the winning model on Project Runway Season 8.

In one sentence, what is your message to the world?

Sit in silence daily, keep going inward and keep learning!

Is there is anything else that you would like to share about yourself or what it is that you do?

I would love for you all to sign up for the Wellness Official which is the first all-in-one marketplace connecting users directly to the best curated & vetted brands & practitioners of the global wellness community.

You can get in touch with Millana ant millanasnow.com and wellnessofficial.co