Your Output is Just as Important as Your Input

We are almost always solely concerned about what we are putting in our bodies, minds, and spirits. More times than none, people often forget about what is coming out.

Let us start with food. There are so many companies marketing to the "natural" community. "All natural" "no preservatives" "No GMO's" seem to be on every label. This is fine and great, really. People have had a shift in consciousness in regards to how they treat their bodies. For many, that consciousness stops after the food hits their lips. Many people do not pay attention to what comes out of the body.

What comes out of your body is a clear indication of what is happening inside of you. When you blow your nose, make a bowel movement, or urinate do you look to see what your body has produced? Do you notice when you produce an excess amount of mucus or how much you are sweating? Do you make note of how much you are outputting in regards to fecal matter and urine?

All of these things are just as important as what you put in. If you haven't used the restroom all day, that is a clear indicator that something is not right, that there is a blockage in your digestive system. If you are constipated you are dehydrated. On the other hand if your stool is loose, that means that your body does not want to absorb something that you put in it (by bypassing the absorption phase in digestion and sending the food matter straight out of the body). This is why suppressant medicines (that make you stop sneezing/coughing or anti-diarrhea drugs) are not always the best choice because your body has a natural system in place to rid itself of toxins and harmful pathogens that would stay in the body if you did not sneeze, cough, sweat, or expel it though the rectum.

Here is a chart from that better explains what your bodily waste material means.


We all know "as above, so below. as within, so without"...right? Most of us live in a consumerism society. We are conditioned/programmed to focus on what we are intaking, what we can get. Even in on a spiritual journey, most are concerned by what they can consume, what they can learn, what they can absorb, what they can get instead of what they can give. It translates from how we act in the physical world, how we are focused on what we put in and on our bodies to what happens on a metaphysical/spiritual level.

On the subtle level, we must also be mindful of what we are putting out, what we may be projecting on to others. Are you in balance? Are you taking and learning just as much as you are giving and teaching in love? Is the love you receive the same portion of love you extend to yourself and others? Are you putting out more goodness in the world or are you just using it up for selfish purposes? We make it a point to be mindful of what we put into our physical and spiritual body, but, again, we are not as mindful as to what we discharge or give off.

My challenge to you is to find that balance. Find the balance between input and export. Find the balance between knowing what you put into your physical body and your spiritual/mental body, then find the balance in being aware of what you give off.

It will take time, but the first step is always awareness and mindfulness. You got this!