Can You Surrender to the Whispers of Your Heart?


What does that look like for you? If you were to surrender to the whispers of your heart.

How does one do such a thing? Where does one start?

Well, one can always start with getting quiet. This can look like whatever feels good to you. You can sit, stand, squat, lay on the floor – find what feels good to the body.

Rest in the chosen position for a few breath cycles. For those who need a tangible number, do 6 rounds of slowly breathing in (expanding your chest + belly) through the nose then slowly release the breath out the mouth.

Be still and listen. If you have thoughts that arise and may pull you out of the moment, i.e. “I wonder what, such and such posted on Instagram.” “I’m hungry, I think.” “This is a waste of time.” Etc., it doesn’t matter the thought, simply bring yourself back to the breath exercise from earlier and listen acutely to the whispers of your heart.

Once you’ve heard the little (or loud) echo voice. Take a moment to show gratitude, to yourself for showing up and listening and your heart for sharing.

Now the fun begins, sort of.

I say sort of, because there is work involved.

Great! You’ve got your goal, desire, new path mission, after listening to the whispers of your heart. Now it’s time to do the work.

Get serious about your WHY.

Why are feeling like XYZ? Remove thoughts of: “I’m not good enough.” I don’t have the money or resources.” “So, and so has done something similar + better.”

Why do you continue to fill your precious time with nonsense or continuous Netflix binges? We all need downtime, however relax with integrity/intention. Be mindful of how you spend your time.

Change is possible if we're willing to get uncomfortable and be consistent with a goal. It's a choice and only you know what's right in your heart for you! You are the only authority that matters in your life!

It’s ok, to be scared out of your mind. It’s ok, to have no idea what to do. It’s ok, to be lost, but hopeful. It’s ok, to feel around in the dark trying to find your way.

I, like many people, was trying to reverse engineer my happiness - thinking that if I could just get ______ (fill the blank), then I'd be happy! I was feeding a hungry ghost and my life wouldn't change until I did the real work of looking inside of myself (taking time to listen to the whispers of my heart) and being brave enough to CHANGE!

Please remember it is not an overnight success or follow-these-steps-kind of process.

You will need to show up for yourself. In the same way, you show up to work every day and expect compensation for your time and efforts.

If you stumble, “develop selective-hearing” and slip up – it’s ok. Learn from it. Take some time to listen again. Surrender and move forward.

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