Letters from the Heart

"When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of Me."

Communication is an emotional strength.

Communication is an spiritual realization & experience.

Communication is the bridge of the heart and mind.

In order to have the heart and mind in one accord, you must speak. Speak your truth which is God's Truth. For this is alignment; this is what that means. Prayer and meditation, one in the same, yet paradoxically used in different ways, is the strongest form of communication. Being able to be in the silence is where you can hear God communicate back to you abundantly; real conversations.

And also in that silence you are able to cry if you need too. Cry to release all pains and sufferings this human world has faced you with. When you cry, you release so much. And then BAM! You're back to Who You Really Are; the soul. The soul is the purest and cleanest and clearest essence of you—this is who you are.

Communication with God is important to have because it propels you to remember this mystical truth that honestly isn't that 'mystical' but due to being on this human earth for so long, that it can become so. Communication with God is giving away things at your own alter—for within you is the temple. You can feel things shift and move as you give 'stuff' away that really isn't parts of you as you once thought. Isn't freedom from attachment a blessing? Whew!

Going within means going without—talk about what's going on with you, even if it means it's you just having to talk to you. For you are a stream of the Infinite Source, of the Infinite God Ocean, so you are never really alone in this 'talk' anyways. He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." —Hebrews 13:5

I'm beginning to piece apart and understand some of these scriptures now—ones that were channeled vs ones created by man's personal motive.

Law of Attraction plays a role, but isnt the only role there is when it comes to conversations with God. But I bring it up to say this, ask for what you want and you shall receive just that.

I asked for a breakthrough.