Honoring Your Magic During Menstruation

Women live out their lives in cycles. If you have a period, your individual cycle consists of 4 phases- menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Each phase does a whole number on our entire being. Due to the changes of your hormones, your physical, emotional and spiritual layers are affected. This cycle provides us the chance to create life through our wombs. What a divine gift!

Our fertility gives us the chance to give birth, but menstruation is just as powerful. Our intuition is one of our most prized possessions we can carry. Its steers us in the right direction, tells us what we need to know, and it keeps us safe. What if there was a time in our cycle when we were the most intuitive? And what would we do if we knew about it?

When we are bleeding, we are the most sensitive. Sensitive to pain, sensitive to feelings and sensitive to energies around us. During menstruation, we are shedding what go longer serves us and turning inward to ourselves. This is considered our dark phase and our most introspective.

In many ancient cultures all over the earth, villages would hold a safe space for women to retreat to and bleed. Most women would enter the space together as they started menstruation at the same time. You either bleed with the new moon or the full moon. Traditionally, bleeding with the new moon was more common. You would enter the space at the first sight of blood, and your sisters would be right there alongside of you.

This safe space, also known as a red tent or moon lodge, would be the place to gather during this sacred time. Women would sit deep in meditation for days and receive visions and guidance for their fellow people. The villages honored menstruation and believed women were spiritual channels who could communicate with deities during this bleeding time. The women would then would emerge with the answers they were looking for.

This is ancient knowledge that still rings true today. While you are menstruating, you are more in tune with yourself due to the mind, body, spirit connection and can access other realms much more easily. The bruja, witch, or mystic archetype will reveal herself to you if you allow it to be. We all have this magic woman deep inside, it’s an integral part of our feminine spirit and a part of us we nearly forgot.

During menstruation, see if any oracles call to you. This is the perfect time to explore tarot, runes, the pendulum or scrying crystal balls. See what you can find, and trust your inner knowing. Your intuition is at its highest right now. You can explore any divination practice you wish and interpret your magic in any place.

Notice your what you are thinking of and journal any thoughts or visions that seem vivid. Before you go to sleep, you can ask a question out loud or write it down, and ask the spirits to show you the answers as you dream. Dream work is an extremely useful tool to reveal your psychic abilities without judgement of yourself. Your dreams carry potent meaning more than ever during this time.

During your period, you can also read people more easily. This can be both a good and bad thing. Be careful of who you share your energy with as you can take on too much. Spend as much time alone as possible. Try to be still and conserve your energy. If you pick up on vibes, they are usually right. Notice how you feel if you do certain things. Sit with your breath and see what comes to you.

Everything is energy, and you will vibrate differently in each menstrual phase. Learning where we are in our cycle and working with the phases will provide us ease and alignment in our lives. If we tune into our cycle, we can tune into ourselves to recalibrate and bring our essence back to wholeness. When we honor the mystic magic within, we can provide deep healing to the feminine energies we carry and continue on this healing path for lifetimes to come.

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