Allowing Abundance to Appear

Hey, beautiful readers and healers!

I am big on Law of Attraction (LOA) and especially on how for abundance and prosperity to flow into my life. And I think it is important that everyone learns and practices LOA too. In particular, how to allow abundance to appear and show up for you in regard to your dream business and brand.

Lately, I’ve been helping people with making it more clear on what they want to attract for their businesses. And I mostly see people having an idea but then allowing fear or money issues block them from being passionate at pursuing that dream business into a physical reality. Worry, doubt, self-bullying, and anger (towards yourself and others) just sends vibrational signs to the Universe saying,

“I don’t want this thing to show up for me. I don’t believe in myself. I am not happy and everyone around me is making me more unhappy. This will never work. Send more of this stuff to me because these are the only things I am communicating with You/Universe about. Send more, send more, I am so angry and doubtful.”

The phrase “I AM” is related to the root chakra. The root chakra is the energy-field inside our bodies that houses money, stability, being centered, being grounded, business success and sexual health.

Words are powerful. If you talk in conversation, not only does it matter online but offline to your spouse, family members, friends and say anything with “I am…” you are manifesting that very sentence to become true. So think about it, if you ever written or said, “I am not worthy. I don’t think this business is really going to be a success. I am not happy.” You just created more of what you don’t want to show up. And you will experience a very crappy day because everything you don’t want just seems to be happening over and over again. You would than think you was cursed or unlucky that day or week. And this really isn’t true. You are not cursed or unlucky. You just simply need to be more mindful with your mouth and writings. Trust me, controlling and being more mindful with your mouth and writings requires a lot of discipline. But you will realize that LOA is very real. If you practice just for 2 weeks of being very slow to speak and being more careful on how you compose written sentences in journals and business plans, you will realize abundance will appear to you instantaneously.

Other phrases that you need to be mindful of using are, “I will”, “I do”, “I feel”, “I love”, “I speak”, “I see”, and “I know.”

Everything is vibration. Everything with emotions becomes matter through the mouth. This year 2017 is about Self Embodiment. And so, when it comes to your businesses becoming lucrative, popular and making sales — that can all happen by getting a fresh notebook and calling it My Business Manifestation Journal. What you write in this journal is for you to be more intentional with manifesting what you want by having a clear vision of what you deserve to have. Here are some questions you need to write inside this Business Manifestation journal:

1st Q. How I want to feel about my business (add your company name):

Start each sentence as, “I attract to feel an abundance of____” such as joy, satisfaction, etc etc.

List as many feelings possible.

Be honest. How do you want to feel about this self-employed job you made. Do you want to feel these feelings you just wrote every single day Monday through Sunday?

2Q. What do I want for this business (add your company name)?

List the products, tools, accessories, the amount (exact number) of clients you want per day, the amount of (money) you want per week, the type of exposure you are open to receiving* that will put your business on the map.

Think Hollywood, depending on what your business is.

3Q. Why do I want these things?

Now this is the most important question out of all of them. If there’s a real purpose, a real reason you are doing what you’re doing, if you feel emotional about why you love and want this dream job to be success? You need to write that down. If it’s part of your testimony? Write that down. Be transparent on why this is important.

Q4. What does this business look like to you ideally?

Do you want stores, want commercials, want to be partners with other companies that you admire (state who), want win awards (which ones), want it sold in certain stores (list the ones), etc.

Go deep.

After you’ve completed these first questions, I think you will now have a clearer vision on this dream career becoming a real thing for you. Every day just write intentional goals of what you want to feel and complete. Keep it simple and allow ease.

I hope this piece was inspiring for all of you healers and entrepreneurs who are trying to make abundance to appear into your lives. With better focus on what you think and say, all things are possible for you. Allow the prosperity and happiness to show up for you this Summer 2017!