Honoring the Healer: Heal Thyself Edition | Delicia Rashad

What is your name and location?

Delicia Rashad, San Diego, CA

How do you heal yourself? What is your favorite form of self-therapy?

I choose to heal through meditation, mindful breathing, sleep, eating, reading, and writing. I have been keeping a journal since I was about 12, so I believe journaling would have to be my favorite. Along with journaling, I also write songs and poems, which has become my therapy in recent years.

When/what was the catalyst that made you start?

I've been journaling for a while and it kept me sane when I was younger. After a while, I stopped writing. After going through a really unhealthy relationship in college, my therapist suggested I start writing again, so I bought a brand new journal and started my journey all over again. Over the years since then, I have learned the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries and protecting my peace of mind.

How has this form of healing helped you?

Writing has brought clarity to my life and all that encompasses that. I have learned so much about myself throughout the years, and my writing has played a vital role in that. I am able to look back on my personal growth and even just encourage myself by affirming myself. Journaling has helped me learn to rely on my own intellect and take my own advice. Writing has also taught me how to be honest with myself about my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, social media can influence us to sway one way with an issue just to save face, but after years of writing my truest feelings, I have learned to not hold back and not fear whatever retaliation may come my way.

What does your process look like? (Please share what you feel comfortable sharing)

Lately, I have started writing whenever I feel the need to. If I don't have access to a pen and pad, I'll jot some thoughts down on my NotePad app on my phone. Usually I forget about it and come across it weeks later and finish whatever I started. If I wake up early enough, I write for 10 minutes to start my day. I'll jot down some goals I want to accomplish that day and some behaviors I want to hon in on to promote personal growth. A close friend of mine encouraged me to try that on and so far it has been extremely effective.

How does it make you feel when you are healing yourself?

I feel empowered and fearless. It's almost like taking my fears and doubts and managing them. If that makes sense. I feel unstoppable because I know that no matter what setback comes my way, I have a power that will always ensure that I persevere.

Why is what you do so important? Why is this form of self-helping important to you?

All my life, independence was always preached in my home. Especially being a woman, it was extremely pertinent to my mother that I have all the necessary skills and mindset to take care of myself. Her emphasis was on finances, but after many poor experiences, I realized there was much more to self-care than the monetary aspects. My self-love and wellbeing weren't being taken care of at all. I was eating junk, internalizing junk, and simply not loving myself. After an extremely bad relationship almost 5 years ago, I was forced to build myself up from scratch. I was broke and broken. I analyzed my role that led me to my circumstances and made the conscious decision that I could never be back in this place. Ever since, my love for me has been my top priority and I'm able to manage it so much better now. But it's a constant task and that's why self-healing and resilience is so important. I know that it's necessary because we experience things that drain us of everything and we have to keep going in-spite of. Being able to heal myself is me moving forward. It's that push that reminds me I am always much bigger than whatever issue I'm battling.

What is your inspiration to continue doing what you are doing? What is the fuel that keeps you going?

I'm at this stage in my life where I know that I have a voice and story that's worth sharing and should be. I've published two collections of poetry in which I'm able to share my story. Writing, my self-healing, my self-care, literally saved my life. So many times. It's cliche but it truly did. I grew through my writing and I know that there may be something between the lines that may have that kind of impact on someone else's life. There might be one line that brands their soul and keeps them inspired to continue on through their circumstances.

What are your visions &/or goals?

I want to continue to connect to women and inspire self-healing through writing and speaking with one another. I want to develop a culture of women who are unafraid to be themselves and explore what being a woman means to them and break free from societies' constructs. I'm currently working on my masters in Marriage and Family therapy, so I want to continue sharing healing in that setting as well.

Tell us a fun fact about your form of healing, what it is that you do, or something people may not know.

After I finished my first journal, I started named my writing journal "Pisces". I write like I'm talking to one of my friends, so I put details and it flows like a story. Because of this, I am able to recall the events and situations vividly when I go back and read them.

In one sentence, what is your message to the world?

"There's nothing wrong with keeping yourself to yourself."

Is there is anything else that you would like to share about yourself or what your form of self-healing?

I recently released my second collection of poetry, O'Sugar Honey Ice Tea, which discusses the many shades of life and love. It's available on Amazon and my eStore. Also, you can follow me on IG: @deliciarashad or Twitter: @delicia_RASHAD!