Honoring the Healer | EJ Russell

What is your name & location?

EJ Russell from Atlanta GA (still here)

How do you heal (or help heal) people?

My methods of healing include yoga and motivational coaching.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

I help people physically and emotionally unwind from the tensions that may have picked up somewhere on their journey.

When did you realize that you wanted to heal people/why did you start?

I realized that I was in need of some serious healing while I was in the middle of my yoga teacher training. I had reached a new and deeper level inside of myself and I was able to let go of some of my burdens and trauma. Soon after I started to wonder how many other people in my life and the world even knew about the beautiful place I call the center. So I decided to reach out to others as a guide on their journey.

Why is what you do so important?

I believe that what I do is a part of a bigger picture. The light in me is suppose to connect to other sources of light and illuminate a positive message to the world.

What is your inspiration to continue doing what you are doing? What is the fuel that keeps you going?

My inspiration comes from seeing people smile and I will continue my work in the effort to put a smile on every face that I ever encounter.

One day the world will be filled with nothing but smiles and positive light.

How does it make you feel when you are healing people?

I feel like I am walking in my purpose when I am healing people.

What are your visions &/or goals?

- Open a space of healing for yoga teachers, sound healers, massage therapist, and other healers.

- Use my resources to start more community projects

- Travel the world to spread a positive message of love

Tell us a fun fact about what it is that you do, or something people may not know.

A fun fact about me would be that I love photoshoots.

In one sentence, what is your message to the world?

Set aside your differences and join hands with every person that you see and tell them that they are loved and with their help we can heal the world.

You can contact EJ at:

IG: by_elr

website: www.byelr.com