Honoring the Healer | JahSun

What is your name & location?

Peace! I’m called JahSun, I’m the owner and operator of FariStudios - A creative studio dedicated creating uplifting, empowering art with the world. Currently, I’m positioned in Charleston, SC, and have an international clientele.

How do you heal (or help heal) people?

We can only ever heal ourselves, so I don’t perceive me healing folks. I do, however, show up to support those interested in taking the healing journey. I can my art “Medicine Pieces for the Soul”, so the offerings provide peace and encouragement for those in need. I believe the message(s) in the work cut to a person’s core, and reside there release doses of medicine when required.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Let me start by saying that I perceive the world from the lens of “energy” - so I’m always most focused on how something “feels”, versus how it looks or sounds. I use the energy to bypass the physical and go directly to the soul level.

Well, I have a few aspects to my art: Visual, Music and now, Podcasts. The foundation of them all is the same -

love. The benefits of the visual art are the ability to tell story with paint to touch heart’s. They are my visions for my life, and the world on a whole. They challenge one to see themselves. Dare to dream, and create. Most importantly, to heal by changing the ways we “think” and “behave”. It’s important to me that the work provokes emotion — from laughter, joy, hope, freedom and love. I feel the work is an alternative to how we are conditioned and trained to think at a young. Implying there is another way; which again, generates that hope that many people have a hard time feeling today —“hopeful”. So, visually the message in the work gets embedded into the unconscious mind, and it’s there where the healing takes place. The art, in most cases, serves as a visual mantra. An affirmation to be seen, which in turn triggers the unconscious and conscious minds to get into alignment. Harmony. And that’s the empowerment part.

The music: That does something different. Beyond sounding nice, it’s truer intention is to bring the listener to a more calm, relaxed state. I use the vibrational energy coming out of me, to the flute, to the listener as a way to break seals (or spiritual barriers) that lay in the unconscious realm. That release allows the listener to “open” like a lotus flow - hence my company logo. The music is a vehicle to bring up emotions, feelings that need to be purged, and an invitation for better ones to take their place.

The podcasts: They’re new. Unplanned. And it’s another way to share my story and message of healing with the world. I’m an advocate for inner-healing and self- development. It’s woven into every aspect of my life. It’s my passion. To do my work on me first. Then you realize how much we share in common. I can feel the heaviness of the energy across the planet. It’s because healing is necessary, and a lot of it. I’ve transformed a great deal of my childhood/adulthood pains into personal power — and I get messages every day from people asking me how I did this or that. It was the accumulation of such inquires that led me to create a platform to go even deeper than the visuals and music allows. But if they weren’t there first, perhaps people would be driven to reach me about deeper matters. The podcast provides the opportunity to share more about me, my struggles, and what I’ve learned along my journey - with others. I have a network of over 25k friends and supporters, but very few know what has happened for me to become who they see today. One thing I know is true and that is...”what one man can do another can do.” So yeah, it’s time to talk about these wounds, bring them to the surface, love on them, and integrate them into our journey as an ally, not a foe. So we’ll talk about things...for as long as we need to. Then we’ll move on to something else. Healing first though.

When did you realize that you wanted to heal people/ why did you start?

Well, I didn’t set out to do this work. In fact, I ran from it until I was about 33, I’m now 47. And when I did start

painting, I still didn’t fully know what I was doing - I’m self taught - and “why” I was called to do it. I just heard Creator’s voice, instructing me to paint, so I did. I do that with everything really. I stay far out of my head when it involves matters of Spirit. It’s the place where I truly trust God and let go. It’s so freeing. That’s why I create as often as I can. Honestly, I try not to spend a lot of time thinking of “why’s” and spend more time perfecting my listening skills between Creator and me. It’s really only been since last year that I truly began to embrace the idea of talking about healing so openly.

A true Shaman would never call themselves a Shaman (healer). The community does that for them. The focus is on doing what I’m “told” to do — the healing doesn’t come from me; I’m just a vessel for healing energy to flow thru and onto the individual. I can’t stress that enough. I realize that on this plane we use labels to identify, and distinguish ourselves but it really stops there for me. I don’t parade around a healer; rather at certain times I’m in the humble position to have God’s healing power flow thru me. I Am nothing. Very important to remember, for me.

Why is what you do so important?

Again, it’s not really “why” I think my work is important. Everyone dedicating real time and energy into their work hopefully feels its important. Why it’s vital that I create, release - use my voice are really for me at the end of the day. Meaning, if I stopped selling my art tomorrow, it wouldn’t stop me from creating every day. It’s my healing.

That said, I understand that it’s the perception of the individual exposed to the work I create to place a value on it for themselves. They decide if it’s important for them. Fortunately, many people do feel that way - and seek out my art accordingly.

It’s a blessing. Really. That I choose to take very little credit for.

I “believe” my work is important, now more than ever, as another “healing option” available to the world. My personal desire is to live in a world that is loving and peaceful, so that has to start with me. And my work is a small contribution to the world I wish to create and experience.

What is your inspiration to continue doing what you are doing? What is the fuel that keeps you going?

Inspiration is my own healing journey - which I’m committed to until this life is over. I draw inspiration from nature, creation and the Creator mostly though. I also love seeing other creatives doing their thing — whether that’s dancing, photography, cooking, singing, playing music, making 2D art, etc.. I just love that!

The fuel that keeps me going beyond what I mentioned above is simple...hearing from supporters of my work. My

client’s lives that have been positively impacted by what I create. Someone writing me and sharing how the work prompted them to heal as aspect of their lives. Then we celebrate that shift together —— that’s the best part — which is why I saved that answer for last :).

How does it make you feel when you are healing people?

(((This is my answer to this question...this is not targeted at you, per se. I hope you will print it in entirety)))

I’ve already established that I can’t heal anyone but me. So, I’m going to modify the question: “How I feel when people discover some healing in their lives because of something I’ve created and shared with the world?”

Answer: Delighted, Thrilled, Elated —— for them, not me. It does confirm what I already know to be true...and that’s that we’re more alike, than different, and I’m excited to go deeper with another Soul. I make sure it doesn’t over inflate my ego though, cause that’s a set-up. I don’t have time to get lost with such things. I prefer to keep focused on what’s in front of me. And that’s usually the next project Spirit is channeling thru me.

What are your visions &/or goals?

Well, that’s an expansive question that would leave me

writing for quite some time...lol!

But I’ll share my overarching goals that are about my entire life, which affects my work.

Goals include:

Get more rest Practice higher, deeper levels of self-care Get more organized Connect deeper with my community Provide in more “high vibrational art” in the nearing future And to take my art on the road. It’s time to meet my amazing network - and talk, laugh and cry together. Shed the shells that no longer serve us, and deepen our love practice

So that will include more new paintings, music and podcast episodes.

Lastly, continue to do healing work around my “Money Story” —— to realize all the above.

Tell us a fun fact about what it is that you do, or something people may not know.

Sure! I only create, I mean ONLY —— when my vibrations are high. If I’m in a funky mood, or having a day — my studio is off limits. While some artist create best when they are in those places, I don’t want to pass that energy off to anyone; especially my supporters. I rather get myself together before putting my hands to create. Energy transfers, yah know? Real. So I honor that rule without exceptions. Only the best that I have for my Tribe.

In one sentence, what is your message to the world?

Simple: “Hope”.

Is there is anything else that you would like to share about yourself or what it is that you do?

I’m humbled beyond measure to be interviewed by you - Thank you. I’m always interested in connecting with like minded Souls committed to healing themselves, so they can serve the world.

For my fellow creatives I say this:

Get your work done Limit distractions Stay focused Only share your dreams with people its safe to do so with Don’t seek validation, attention, permission or approval from the world

Get clear about “why” you are doing what you’re doing Stay grounded and centered Make time to rest —————— Love yourself and practice the highest level of self care you can (often) Laugh a lot


I would like to invite your network to check out my work. Here’s the best place to do just that: www.faristudiosart.com Bless ~