New Month, New Energies: Allowing New Expansion

Welcome to the month of April! So much has transpired, been revealed, and been confronted with so far in this year of 2017. It’s important to take a breath. A breath of relief and self-acknowledgment of the inner-Self work you’ve been doing on this spiritual path you’re walking on thus far. You deserve the blessings and miracles you’ve been praying and manifesting on in this Now moment. So claim it! There is so much cosmic momentum working with us to reach our personal goals that we thought and spoke into existence.

However, due to the paradigm shift of new order within government, shifts occurring in our personal lives within career, romance, family; wanting change of scenery, and the current Venus Retrograde; it is very important to maintain your soul’s hygiene health. So today, within this perfect moment, cosmic energy brought you here, to do just that!

From the energetic spiritual perspective, vibrational frequencies are the keys to how to unlock things from the Unseen to appear in the Seen realities. Another word for vibrational frequencies are called emotions. Emotions are the determining factor on what you emit (give out) from the internal to the external, and this emitter will vibrationally attract back, for you to receive, that same emotion from others. So it’s important that you are inspired to want to master the Law of Emotions. Mastering this Law will help you in abundant ways, especially in regards to physically seeing your wants, prayers, and desires showing up physically for you in your current life.

Your vibrational attitude is known as your mood. It’s important to set intentions in the mornings of how you want to feel and allow forth. Intentions are ways of setting the tone for the day you’re in. For example, say this affirmation: “God/Divine Spirit, I AM open to receive blessings, clarity, fun, and ease today. I AM ready to attract my deserving. Amen.”

This affirmation is a perfect door of allowing and receiving what you want to feel for the day presented. Affirmations are great tools to use when mastering the Law of Emotions and how to see manifestations more frequently.

With that being said, vibrationally and emotionally, turn up your dial. Vibrate and feel higher. Vibrationally be happy, be peaceful, be open to receiving greatness. Stay in that place. Block people who are emotionally negative, bitter, and passive aggressive. Do not attach their emotions to yours. Do not allow their moods to lower your aura to be dim and ruin your day.

I also feel the need to discuss another healing tool that is vital to use: Unloading.

Unloading is an important and useful tool in soul health & Self-Love. It releases energy burdens, blockages, worries, and fears that you are currently carrying that may be interfering with the new goals you have set in place for this new year. Manifestations are created by intentions and vulnerability; these are the momentums. But when fear, in its many faces and behaviors, pop up in your mood, mind, and speech, you instantly start vibrating low. This creates a mis-creation, which is a energy block of the true Allowing of your intended creation (dream, idea, prayer), to flow through and appear in a physical manifestation form. Since we are all Creators, this is a very important lesson to learn and apply in our lives, that we are capable of creating both creations and miscreation(s).

To unload, go to a quiet place, whether that’s within your room or the back porch. A place that you can be vulnerable and safe in. Sit in a comfortable position, and breathe. Really focus and tune in to Source Energy’s Presence. Drop away responsibilities and time itself, and talk aloud to Source/God/Divine Spirit about the current life struggles you are going through. Be honest. Be transparent. Take off whatever masks you have to put on for family, for friends and for work. Just be in Authentic Self Beingness. If there’s complications, confusion, anger, sadness that you have been carrying from any department of life in: romance, family, work, finances? Talk it out. Spirit is your counselor in this moment; so unload. If you feel the energy to cry, do so.

After you have unloaded your sacred intimate struggles, feel the shift in your mood. It’s much lighter and active. Say this prayer, and prosper within your day:

“I AM creating new experiences within my life. Current struggles and dilemmas that I am currently going through is all for my expansion. All of these hardships shall pass, for these are all temporary. I come to you Spirit/God, and ask for more ease to flow into my life. All fears, worries, and other miscreations I have done, I forgive myself for making because I didn’t intend to make things harder for myself than I wanted it to be. I give you these miscreations back because I am releasing them from off of my Will, may it now be Free. I open myself up, and truly allow Your Presence to grace my life in miracles, blessings, abundance, and wealth, in ways I know my soul deserves. Keep watering my soul’s cup; overflow it! All behaviors, habits, and ways of speech that I do that hinders my blessings to come flowingly, I now remove. All people, places, and things, that hinder my blessings to come flowingly, I now remove and sever the contracts. My soul’s channel is now fully open. Thank you Spirit/God, for being with me in this unfolding. I enjoy this connection of (Be)ingness with You. Amen.”

This new month of April is YOUR TIME. This is the time to shine and be happy for once, consistently. So be in the receptive mode of your prayers to appear this month. There’s so much new energies and freshness here for you to breathe, do, and Be in. Welcome it. A new chapter of your life-story awaits.

Here at the We Heal Too organization, I hope you enjoyed today’s clarity and self-help advice. The team is sending special prayers out to all of you who have read this piece. May the tools and affirmations written be of service to your soul.

Sending love and light,

Rey, Guest Writer.