Healing Comes in Different Forms!

Many people are only aware of a few forms of healing. When you mention "healing" to people, they usually think of a medical doctor and maybe a yoga class. Very rarely do they think of themselves as their best and personal healer.

There are various forms of healing that people do not think of or even consider. In talking to a few people, typical responses when asked if they know about a certain form of healing is either, "I do not know what that is" or "I do not see people like me in that scene/I did not think people like me did that". This raises a flag for a few reasons. Why do our people not have the information that they need? Are they not given access to this material or do they just not care about this information? Why are people not being represented in certain spaces (in regards to race, gender, body type/size, ability, sexual orientation, religion, etc)

In my opinion, healing is for EVERYONE. No matter your physical appearance, socio-economic status, gender, sexual preference, etc. Everyone deserves to have a safe space, have peace of mind, and live a healthy life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I have come up with a list of different forms of healing that I have either experienced personally or know people that are in these fields who help heal people. Some things may surprise you or stir up a negative feeling based on what you were taught, but I encourage you to do your research before dismissing something as "bad" or ineffective.

Throughout the year, I will expand on this list in detail because I know that most people will not look these things up on their own unless they are genuinely interested.

Forms of healing that are often overlooked (especially by PoC) are, but are not limited to:


-Art Therapy (Coloring, drawing, painting, etc)


-Clean Eating

-Creating rituals

-Crying/salt water






-Mindfulness practice

-Nature Walks/Hiking

-No TV/radio (Safeguarding your mind & what you intake)


-Reiki/energy work


-Sound Healing/Music Therapy

-Spiritual Baths

-Therapy (Physical and Mental)



Stay tuned for in depth descriptions and how you can apply these to your personal lives.

We will be planning events around some of these modalities of healing. If there is not a specific form of healing that you do not see on here, please let us know and we will update the list!