Origins of We Heal Too (Formerly Healing For The People)

Healing For The People started as a simple thought in the middle of pain. Alton Sterling was murdered and then less than 24 hours later Philando Castile was gunned down. I was hurting. Literally laying in my bed crying. I couldn't sleep. So many other people were hurting, they were angry. I felt all of it. In the midst of our suffering, I felt like I had to do something. I prayed. What can I do? What can I give to my people that can ease their hurt?

Thats when the idea of Healing For The People came to me. I was told by Spirit that I needed to create a space to foster healing. To counteract what was happening. I needed to create a safe space for people to come and be surrounded in positive energy, recharge.

I had no money and no idea of how I was about to do this. I had not even been in Atlanta for a whole year so the people that I knew was limited. I did what I could and reached out to my social media following and asked for help. The response was amazing. I had people wanting to help out and I was able to find a place for us to have our event. It all happened so fast. I had less than two weeks to pull it all together. I had a few amazing sistars help me out. they were so amazing. We had so many artists and yogis come out to support the cause.

It was such a success and it made my heart smile to know that we had positively impacted over 100 people and allowed them to leave healed, lighter.

We are still in the process of becoming incorporated so that we can receive grants. Our ultimate goal is to provide healing options that underserved communities would other wise think is not for them. Provide them with these services for free or donation based. This vision can manifest into physical reality. I know it. It is going to take time, patience, and money....but if we could put on a whole 5 hour event in less than 14 days, we can build an amazing organization from nothing!