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May 18, 2018

Awesome Book to Start Ancestral Healing



I got this book over 1 year ago becuase I wanted to look up healing ancestral wounds and traumas while breaking negative familial patterns that I have observed. I really love this book because it breaks down ancestral veneration step by step and also gives NUMEROUS exercises to try in order to build up to communicating with your ancestors.

There is not bells and whistles. I was low key afraid at frist because I thought that I was going to summon the spirit of my transitioned relatives like a horror movie, but I learned that my ancestors speak to me very frequently through dreams and other people. Sometimes, if I meditate right after I call on them, the one with the message will speak to me.

Either way, if this is something that interests you, I would highly suggest this book.

I also have a review on my website jchavae.com/blog

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