Tribe Members

J. Chavae 
| Creat-her + Director of Wehealtoo |

Mirror,  Ayuvedic Health Coach, Doula, Certified Yoga Teacher

​J. Chavae (pronounced "jay shuh-vay") is my given name. I am an eclectic creative without limits. That is who I am, regardless of the shell or roles that I play during this life. I am being committed to expansion and evolution, above all things. I absolutely love sharing insights and wellness bits. This space was originally created to help my people heal by giving them a safe space to BE regardless of what the social circumstances and climate were.

My passion(s) and life work revolve around wellness, mental health awareness (especially in the Black community), and practices of self/community-love. 

Thank you for resonating with us and helping this organization GROW! (Ps. We plan on bringing wellness to as many WOC, especially Black women, as we can!)

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