Cleaning your space is an underrated way to ground yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The beautiful thing about tidying is that you can personalize the experience to your liking. To clean is to literally get your house in order -- to arrange things in a way that is conducive to your health. Your space is the foundation upon which all success is built.

Think about how you feel when your house is clean in comparison to how you feel when you look around and see clutter, disorganization, and a place that lacks tidiness. Humans tend to be visual and this fact should remind us that what we see is what our minds consume. If your space is clean your mind is clean.

When I think about grounding I associate it with gardening. In orde...


What does that look like for you? If you were to surrender to the whispers of your heart.

How does one do such a thing? Where does one start?

Well, one can always start with getting quiet. This can look like whatever feels good to you. You can sit, stand, squat, lay on the floor – find what feels good to the body.

Rest in the chosen position for a few breath cycles. For those who need a tangible number, do 6 rounds of slowly breathing in (expanding your chest + belly) through the nose then slowly release the breath out the mouth.

Be still and listen. If you have thoughts that arise and may pull you out of the moment, i.e. “I wonder what, such and such  posted on Instagram.” “I’m hungry, I think.” “This is a waste of time.” Etc., it doesn’t...

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