What is your name & location?

My name is Veladya Diana Chapman and I currently live in my van while I travel the US with my partner and cat 😀

How do you help people heal?

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoni Health Practitioner. I help others heal by creating custom healing plans, selling healing herbs/inspirational books and creating inspirational and educational content on my Youtube channel: Earth Mama Medicine.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Beings who purchase custom healing plans from me receive loads of helpful tips to help them stay strong in their decisions to live plant-based lifestyles. They learn about acidic vs alkaline foods, what harmful ingredients to look for while grocery shopping, herbs and supplements...

I have noticed that herbal "information" is being flung around quite a bit on the internet. Herbs are wonderful allies, but I feel as though people are partaking in herbs, just because it seems like the cool thing to do.

Herbs are WONDERFUL, but they live in a world that needs to be better understood before consumption.

Let us start here. There are over 40 different categories to classify herbs under. FOURTY! This means that there are over 40 different primary functions of different herbs. A few of my favorite categories are: ADAPTOGENS, ALTERATIVES, BITTERS, EMMENAGOGUES, NERVINES (tonics, stimulants, & relaxants), & SEDATIVES. **When combining herbs, this is important as you want to make sure each plant assists the purpose of the other** These a...

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