What is your name & location?

My name is Amber Tamm. I currently reside in NYC (& I’m also from here, BK all day!).

How do you heal yourself? What is your favorite form of self-therapy? | When/what was the catalyst that made you start? | How has this form of healing helped you?

My biggest form of healing has been working with plants, working with momma earth. After losing my parents, my father murdered my mother, I began farming and through that work I was able to process so much. Plants are teachers, they can teach you how to be half dead and half alive at the same time, they wear their scars proudly, they rise and fall apart so elegantly. So I just took notes from them on how to get through all the hardships that came up. By working wi...

I have noticed that herbal "information" is being flung around quite a bit on the internet. Herbs are wonderful allies, but I feel as though people are partaking in herbs, just because it seems like the cool thing to do.

Herbs are WONDERFUL, but they live in a world that needs to be better understood before consumption.

Let us start here. There are over 40 different categories to classify herbs under. FOURTY! This means that there are over 40 different primary functions of different herbs. A few of my favorite categories are: ADAPTOGENS, ALTERATIVES, BITTERS, EMMENAGOGUES, NERVINES (tonics, stimulants, & relaxants), & SEDATIVES. **When combining herbs, this is important as you want to make sure each plant assists the purpose of the other** These a...

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