Yoga is becoming a worldwide popular form of healing, and even exercise. Most people only look at yoga and recognize it as a purely and strictly physical thing. I know I have taught classes and the first thing people ask is, "Will this make me sweat?" "Will this make me lose weight?". I teach at a slow pace compared to most teachers and I can sense that some of my "students" get restless (even in savasana). I can also sense that how I teach is quite different than mainstream "vinyasa/hot/power" yoga. Now I am not criticizing other instructors or forms of teaching, but I can say that I have attended some yoga classes and spiritually left the same as how I came. What I realized was that these teachers were not teaching yoga, they were teaching fan...

Yoga greeted me in the darkest hours of my night. It creeped into my thoughts after years of severe anxiety, codependency, and debilitating fear. It moved in silence slowly coaxing me out of the traumatized skin I had made home. It taught me to listen to the voices in my head rather than fear them. This did not mean I agreed with every thought or emotion I had. I had to recognize that who I thought I was in that moment was saturated with outside influences that may or may not have satisfied my soul. Yoga helped me begin to sift through the pieces of myself to figure out which were my own and which were created by outside voices. It helped me realize that I could decide who I wanted to be, then be it.

I got to know yoga in silence. It was the firs...

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