Cleaning your space is an underrated way to ground yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The beautiful thing about tidying is that you can personalize the experience to your liking. To clean is to literally get your house in order -- to arrange things in a way that is conducive to your health. Your space is the foundation upon which all success is built.

Think about how you feel when your house is clean in comparison to how you feel when you look around and see clutter, disorganization, and a place that lacks tidiness. Humans tend to be visual and this fact should remind us that what we see is what our minds consume. If your space is clean your mind is clean.

When I think about grounding I associate it with gardening. In orde...

Photo of Shambhala Meditation Center of NY - New York, NY

In more privileged & affluent healing communities, I have noticed that they get offended when a certain demographic (that they do not identify with) creates a safe space for that desired demographic. This demographic may be based around race, gender, body type, income level, sexuality, etc. Their exclusion makes them angry. The fact that they are not included makes them feel oppressed when they, in fact, still have more options and safe spaces than the people creating safe spaces for themselves. They feel the absolute need for inclusion in everything and cannot see that division, in moderation, is not a negative thing. 

What these said healing communities do not realize is that li...

Healing For The People started as a simple thought in the middle of pain. Alton Sterling was murdered and then less than 24 hours later Philando Castile was gunned down. I was hurting. Literally laying in my bed crying. I couldn't sleep. So many other people were hurting, they were angry. I felt all of it. In the midst of our suffering, I felt like I had to do something. I prayed. What can I do? What can I give to my people that can ease their hurt?

Thats when the idea of Healing For The People came to me. I was told by Spirit that I needed to create a space to foster healing. To counteract what was happening. I needed to create a safe space for people to come and be surrounded in positive energy, recharge.

I had no money and no idea of how I...

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