We are almost always solely concerned about what we are putting in our bodies, minds, and spirits. More times than none, people often forget about what is coming out.

Let us start with food. There are so many companies marketing to the "natural" community. "All natural" "no preservatives" "No GMO's" seem to be on every label. This is fine and great, really. People have had a shift in consciousness in regards to how they treat their bodies. For many, that consciousness stops after the food hits their lips. Many people do not pay attention to what comes out of the body. 

What comes out of your body is a clear indication of what is happening inside of you. When you blow your nose, make a bowel movement, or urinate do you look to see what your body ha...

Welcome to the month of April! So much has transpired, been revealed, and been confronted with so far in this year of 2017. It’s important to take a breath. A breath of relief and self-acknowledgment of the inner-Self work you’ve been doing on this spiritual path you’re walking on thus far. You deserve the blessings and miracles you’ve been praying and manifesting on in this Now moment. So claim it! There is so much cosmic momentum working with us to reach our personal goals that we thought and spoke into existence. 

However, due to the paradigm shift of new order within government, shifts occurring in our personal lives within career, romance, family; wanting change of scenery, and the current Venus Retrograde; it is very important to maintain y...

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