I have noticed that herbal "information" is being flung around quite a bit on the internet. Herbs are wonderful allies, but I feel as though people are partaking in herbs, just because it seems like the cool thing to do.

Herbs are WONDERFUL, but they live in a world that needs to be better understood before consumption.

Let us start here. There are over 40 different categories to classify herbs under. FOURTY! This means that there are over 40 different primary functions of different herbs. A few of my favorite categories are: ADAPTOGENS, ALTERATIVES, BITTERS, EMMENAGOGUES, NERVINES (tonics, stimulants, & relaxants), & SEDATIVES. **When combining herbs, this is important as you want to make sure each plant assists the purpose of the other** These a...

For the month of April, we are focusing on the SACRAL chakra. This is my favorite chakra probably because I have so much experience working on fixing my own! These are all suggestions/tips. Being said, not everything will work or resonate with everyone, but this can be a reference point to start healing your womb!

Also, we have to state that The statements made in this post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications bef...

The internet is a beautiful place, but it can also be a major trigger source.

Maybe a decade ago, if you removed someone out of your life, if you cut someone off, if you broke up with someone, or left an abusive situation, once you were gone, there was a very small chance that that person or situation would resurface again (unless serious efforts were made by either party).

Now in the age of social media, nothing ever goes away.

We may think that we are "over" something or someone, and then a triggering person pops up on your screen, bringing back all of the memories and feelings that come with them...and usually these are not the best feelings or memories.

Our circles are even smaller than they were before. You can remove a person from your life, b...

In the black community depression doesn’t exist. 
Hold on. Let me explain. Black people do experience depression, of course, but we as a people pretend like we don’t, or at least we don’t acknowledge that we experience depression or do our damndest to convince other black people that they’re not experiencing it. We pretend that depression does not exist in the black community.

We are told that depression is for White people (no offense to my White/Caucasian readers). & lets not even attempt to cry out for help because getting treated for depression is most definitely not something that we, as a people, do.

We, as a people, make our depression worse. We cannot be Black and have depression because we have to be strong. This minds...

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you know that winter time is looming. With it comes colder weather, shortening of days, and a dramatic decrease in the amount of green you see outside.

If you are like me or many people that I know, the weather can affect your mood in a major way. Many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder aka Seasonal Depression.

There are a few things that can be done in order to not get caught with the winter blues.

Here we go!

•Well first thing is first: STAY WARM! Do what you can to stay warm at all times. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Keep the external fires (aka heaters) burning as well as the internal ones! Keep the creation going, find ways to laugh with your belly among the ones that you...

Holiday times can be very triggering, I know that it is for me. It does not evoke that ear to ear smile, that warm feeling in your belly, a time to look forward to all year. In fact, most holidays I would have much rather be by myself in my own good company. " Its the most wonderful time of the year"....yeah right!

It is not that I have worst family in the world, because I do not...it is just an overwhelming bombardment of what the holidays are "supposed" to look like vs the reality of what they really are. Social media does not help this because it is advertised, intentionally and unintentionally, everywhere.

You see all of these families gathered in love and happiness. You see and feel the togetherness. You witness the laughter, the joy, the sen...

Yoga is becoming a worldwide popular form of healing, and even exercise. Most people only look at yoga and recognize it as a purely and strictly physical thing. I know I have taught classes and the first thing people ask is, "Will this make me sweat?" "Will this make me lose weight?". I teach at a slow pace compared to most teachers and I can sense that some of my "students" get restless (even in savasana). I can also sense that how I teach is quite different than mainstream "vinyasa/hot/power" yoga. Now I am not criticizing other instructors or forms of teaching, but I can say that I have attended some yoga classes and spiritually left the same as how I came. What I realized was that these teachers were not teaching yoga, they were teaching fan...

For a long time (up until last year) I thought practicing self-love was impossible while dealing with depression and anxiety. I had no idea that you can experience both simultaneously. Practicing self-love & self-care during these rough patches are not full of frills and glamor, but are very subtle and extremely important. Showing yourself love at your lowest is what you need the most. It is imperative, actually. Dealing with mental health issues (which include more than just depression & anxiety, but may expand out to bipolar/manic-depressive disorder, schitzophrenia, etc), they do not give you a hand book on how self-love can be an integral piece of your coping mechanism(s).

I figured I would share a few things that I extend love to myself....

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