Sista Sista.

Soul Sista.

Hey Sis!

Yas Sis Yas!

“Sisterhood” is a word that is proclaimed, preached, encouraged, and spewed within the black female community. The word is used to entice a sense of unity, a coming togetherness, a declaration of a safe space for black women with varying experiences but a shared identity to be heard, to be understood, to be felt, to just Be.

But what makes a sisterhood?

What initiates the formation of a sisterhood?

It seems commonplace for sisterhoods to be formed from the standpoint of the struggles of being both black and female in this world. Deemed by many grandmas of old as a “double negative”. Formed from struggles of being undervalued in society, sometimes undervalued by our own men, other females, other races, bein...

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