What is your name & location?

My name is Veladya Diana Chapman and I currently live in my van while I travel the US with my partner and cat 😀

How do you help people heal?

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoni Health Practitioner. I help others heal by creating custom healing plans, selling healing herbs/inspirational books and creating inspirational and educational content on my Youtube channel: Earth Mama Medicine.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Beings who purchase custom healing plans from me receive loads of helpful tips to help them stay strong in their decisions to live plant-based lifestyles. They learn about acidic vs alkaline foods, what harmful ingredients to look for while grocery shopping, herbs and supplements...

What is your name & location?

My name is Amber Tamm. I currently reside in NYC (& I’m also from here, BK all day!).

How do you heal yourself? What is your favorite form of self-therapy? | When/what was the catalyst that made you start? | How has this form of healing helped you?

My biggest form of healing has been working with plants, working with momma earth. After losing my parents, my father murdered my mother, I began farming and through that work I was able to process so much. Plants are teachers, they can teach you how to be half dead and half alive at the same time, they wear their scars proudly, they rise and fall apart so elegantly. So I just took notes from them on how to get through all the hardships that came up. By working wi...

“The moon is a loyal companion.

It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.

Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.” 

― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Do you ever look up in the night sky to search for the moon? Can you feel her pull at certain times of the month more than others? Are you familiar with the phases of the moon?  It is beautiful and profound to reflect how every human being has looked up into the sky and viewed the same moon and observed the same cycles. The moon is a focal point, the one thing we al...

I have noticed that herbal "information" is being flung around quite a bit on the internet. Herbs are wonderful allies, but I feel as though people are partaking in herbs, just because it seems like the cool thing to do.

Herbs are WONDERFUL, but they live in a world that needs to be better understood before consumption.

Let us start here. There are over 40 different categories to classify herbs under. FOURTY! This means that there are over 40 different primary functions of different herbs. A few of my favorite categories are: ADAPTOGENS, ALTERATIVES, BITTERS, EMMENAGOGUES, NERVINES (tonics, stimulants, & relaxants), & SEDATIVES. **When combining herbs, this is important as you want to make sure each plant assists the purpose of the other** These a...

Sista Sista.

Soul Sista.

Hey Sis!

Yas Sis Yas!

“Sisterhood” is a word that is proclaimed, preached, encouraged, and spewed within the black female community. The word is used to entice a sense of unity, a coming togetherness, a declaration of a safe space for black women with varying experiences but a shared identity to be heard, to be understood, to be felt, to just Be.

But what makes a sisterhood?

What initiates the formation of a sisterhood?

It seems commonplace for sisterhoods to be formed from the standpoint of the struggles of being both black and female in this world. Deemed by many grandmas of old as a “double negative”. Formed from struggles of being undervalued in society, sometimes undervalued by our own men, other females, other races, bein...

What is your name & location?

Hey We Heal Too family I'm Racheal, born, raised and living in Brooklyn, NY, but love to travel.

How do you help people heal?

I help people heal by providing holistic wellness coaching along with other supplemental products and services.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Holistic Wellness Coaching allows people to tune into themselves, take gentle steps to the desires they have for themselves. It is a method of being held accountable for your overall wellness needs in an unbiased and supported way.

When did you realize that you wanted to help heal people/why did you start?

I always knew I wanted to work to assist people along their journey but stepped into my role as a Holistic Wellness Coach in 20...

What is your name & location?

My name is Rachel and I live in New South Wales, Australia, about an hour south of Sydney.

How do you help people heal?

My food does! I’m a lifelong home-cook and a qualified chef who uses wholesome food as a wellness resource.

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

Consistent eating of a diet rich in whole foods has numerous health benefits but can include good gut health, increased energy levels and less brain fog.

When did you realize that you wanted to heal people/why did you start?

A few years ago I was battling serious post-viral chronic fatigue as a side effect of Epstein Barr Syndrome. I was also severely iron deficient, sick all the time, burnt out from juggling too many commitments and working...

What is your name & location?

Leaira SouLight, located in Atlanta, GA

How do you help people heal?

I provide a space for people to facilitate their own healing through Dance, Sensual Movement, Fitness and Yoga. 

What type of benefits does your method of healing provide?

One of the many benefits of taking any class format with me whether it be dance or yoga, I’ve found that individuals gain more confidence in who they are. I notice the difference when they first walk into a class or healing session and I closely observe how they brightly glow afterwards. It’s like a remembrance of their true essence-its very refreshing to witness. 

When did you realize that you wanted to heal people/why did you start?

My journey started with me first. I came a...

What is your name & location?

My name is Doriana Diaz. I am located in Philadelphia PA.

How do you heal yourself? What is your favorite form of self-therapy?

~ I have developed a daily writing practice in which I intentionally journal every single day. It’s cathartic. I started this about three months ago and I have remained true to it.

~ I collage. this is a healing practice that I do for myself and myself only. a close friend of mine said once that human beings have a lot of loves. these things are often times meant to be displayed for the world to see (acting, dancing, writing, painting, singing) but we must have at least one thing that is for ourselves and ourselves only. collaging is that thing for me. It is my healing practice that I don’t sho...

What is your name and location?

Laura; San, Antonio Texas!

How do you heal yourself? What is your favorite form of self-therapy?

I’ve taken on many healing practices in the last several years: meditation, conscious eating, mindful self talk, self-forgiveness and acceptance, reiki, yoga, mindful solitude, ample time outside, being present with loved ones, expressing gratitude, etc. It's hard to choose a favorite but the mindful self-talk was revolutionary for me. I was very harsh with myself and in general before coming to the realizations that I did.

When/what was the catalyst that made you start?

There were a few catalysts. I experienced a chronic pain illness several years ago that lasted almost a year…and that really got me to change up my li...

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