About Us

We Heal Too (originally Healing for the People) started out, on July 23, 2016, as an idea based on a strong urge to DO something. This organization was created at a height of chaos and turmoil surrounding people of color. We set out to provide a space for ALL people to come together with like minds and be covered by positive energy. Using yoga, meditation, music, performing arts, conversation, and other various expressions, we make way for our community to release steam and relieve stress.

We Heal Too was birthed by passion and compassion. Based on so much feedback from our premier event, it was decided to continue on this mission, continuing with the work by creating a Community-Based Organization.

Over time, as all of creation, We Heal Too has evolved. The decision was made to focus on BLACK WOMEN in particular, as we are Black women and this particular group of people are near and dear to our hearts...they ARE our hearts. 

We aim to create brave spaces, in person and virtually, for Black women to release, breathe, and heal.

We believe that through INFORMATION, INTROSPECTION, INSPIRATION and REPRESENTATION, we encourage & catalyze healing. 

Thank you for journeying with us as we build and help love on our community, because WE, Black women, HEAL TOO.


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Sponsor an Event

We are always grateful to those who can lend a hand financially. If you would like to sponsor an event in Baltimore or other cities, pleas contact us.


We are open to working with other organizations, companies, and individuals who are in alignment with our mission. We would like to keep our events as diverse and informative as possible. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss what a possible collaboration would look like.